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Annoying New Car Tech Fails

These are exciting times for automotive technology. The gadgets and gizmos that keep people safe, and enhance the driving experience are nothing short of amazing. Those self-driving cars that we imagined back in grade 4, are mere moments away. Features like alert systems, infotainment systems, GPS and smart suspension all come standard with today’s new cars, while an assortment of wonderful new implementations are in the pipeline. Not all of today’s technology is a hit though, some of it is pretty silly at best.

For example, artificial exhaust noise. Thanks to cabin insulation, cars are quieter than ever, especially electric cars. Some companies, such as BMW, feel that the driving experience has changed as a result, and now create fake exhaust noise, and even pipe it in through the car’s audio system. Fail.

Tesla is making incredible strides when it comes to technology, but who thought of the virtual buttons found in Tesla cars? There are no physical buttons to press or turn, only a touch screen. Let’s hope that screen never stops working properly.

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Electric-powered doors are replacing mechanical door release mechanisms in some cars. However, if the car’s battery is dead, getting into the vehicle might be a problem. There are solutions, but they could be troublesome in an emergency.

Those stop-start systems help to conserve fuel when they turn the car off when idling, but that shaking they cause upon restart is just annoying after a while if you’re stopped by multiple red lights.

Keyless start systems are pretty handy, after all, you can start your car with your key in your pocket, or when you drop it between the seats. The problem is when you hand off your car to a valet with your key still in your pocket, leaving the valet unable to lock the car, or even maybe shut it off. There are safeguards, but it’s still annoying.

We know that restricted access features are for our own good, but we hate them. These are features that are unusable while driving. The idea is to not allow the driver to distract himself, but what about the front-seat passenger?

Screen displays are handy, but they still need a lot of work. For example, the back-up camera display hogs the entire screen, making it impossible to answer a phone call or adjust climate control until the car is out of the reverse position. Only mildly annoying, but surely better design and functionality is possible?

Cars are smart these days, too bad some of the warning systems are stupid. In particular, when something goes wrong, they override everything, including your screen and making it impossible to even change the radio station when there is an alert. Let’s hope a fix for this is on the way.

Finally, not everybody wants to read a screen. Please bring back paper manuals, at least as an option!

Car Insurance Policy

Traditional cars fall within a very comprehensive category that includes any motor vehicle regarded as collectible. Industry principles are established by the interest to acquire the model, make and season of a certain vehicle, and the value will progressively go up over time. Insurance coverage is a very specialized market section that is underwritten by less than five percent of all vehicle insurance companies. When seeking to make sure an existing car, consider the plan type, coverage and restrictions, and the requirements for determining for insurance.

Insurance agents that get involved in the activity understand the particulars of assuring a vehicle with a set value. The plan type is very significant when underwriting an existing car. The Decided Quantity, or Decided Value, type must be used when the plan is obtained. The agent and the guaranteed car owner will definitely agree on the quantity the plan will pay in the event of robbery or total decrease of an accident. There is no “actual cash value” stipulation on the plan type that would create it possible for the provider to pay less for the car. Decided Value plans allow comfort for the car owner whose car is unique and essential. When the car owner happens upon reduction, a similar uses to the money paid by the provider.

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Classic car plans place some restrictions on the level of use permitted for the car. Less than 2,500 kilometers per season are permitted to be motivated on most guidelines, but some guidelines allow up to 5,000 kilometers per season. The classic car is motivated sometimes for special occasions and is not considered an everyday use vehicle. When repairs to the automobile are mandatory, the plan covers the expenses that occur in the process, and the fixes will be made in a specialized mechanic that might cost a good deal more than the average mechanic. The value of the car can be affected directly by the areas used for renewal. When unique tires or guiding tires are found on the car, the plan can cover these very beneficial features.

Automobile Fuel Saving Method

International crude oil prices have hit record highs. In the era of soaring oil prices, how can we reduce automobile fuel bills and keep up with our own pockets? The fuel-saving method of the automobile is closely related to the characteristics of the vehicle and the skills and habits of the driver, in addition to the manufacturer designing the high-efficiency engine and the streamlined body. The first step in fuel economy is to choose a fuel-efficient car that meets your needs. Choose vehicles with less exhaust, better fuel efficiency, lighter weight, and more streamlined body. Secondly, the driver’s driving and using the vehicle has a considerable influence on the vehicle oil.

The fuel-saving method is based on the characteristics of the vehicle:

(1) Large-sized vehicles consume less fuel. The vehicle with a displacement of 2000c.c. consumes more fuel than 1300c.c.

(2) The dark body and interior are more likely to absorb solar heat and consume cold air.

(3) Auto-distributed cars consume more fuel than hand-displaced cars
(4) The use of vehicle air-conditioning will increase fuel consumption.

(5) Radiation layer tires have better mileage efficiency than conventional twill tires. When the tire tire pressure is insufficient, it is easy to wear the edge of the tire, and the fuel consumption reduces the life of the tire. When the tire pressure is too high, although the gasoline can be saved, the central portion of the tire will wear rapidly.

Related image

The fuel-saving method in driving operation:

(1) Develop the correct driving habits. When starting the engine for the first time, you must have proper warm-up time and start driving again.

(2) Usually, the car has the highest driving efficiency at 64 kilometers per hour, so it is more fuel-efficient to drive on the mountain road or curved road. It is difficult to maintain 64 kilometers per hour in the urban area, so it is driving at high speed. On the road, it saves 30% to 50% of gasoline on average. Therefore, the secret of driving fuel in the urban area is to try to keep pace at a fixed speed. Avoid sudden acceleration and emergency braking.

(3) Minimize unnecessary items such as tools and sports equipment on the vehicle to reduce the weight of the car, increase the mileage and save fuel.
(4) When driving at high speed, close the window to reduce wind resistance and save gasoline.

(5) Avoid engine idling. If you encounter a traffic jam, you should turn off the engine when you can’t drive for a short time. On the one hand, you can save fuel and on the other hand, you can keep the air clean.

(6) In cold weather, the efficiency of the engine will decrease and the fuel consumption will increase.

Video review: Fun LED party lights

This is a fun mod you can do to your car, and its cheap! The LED set that you can buy will set you back no more than 20 dollars. Have a watch of this guy and he will go over it.


I was just browsing Google and looking for different things I could do to my own car, stumbled on this video and I thought it was pretty funny. This guy is enthusiastic about his car maintenance and it’s quite enjoyable to watch. I hadn’t watched one of his videos before but I subscribed to him as I find him pretty entertaining. I could imagine him basically yelling the whole time could get old at some point so it might be a once in a while type of thing to watch.

As for the mod he is doing, as you can see in the video it is very simple for you to do yourself, the user interface is simple to use and the workmanship is pretty easy to carry out. LED lightning is the future of lighting in my opinion and we will see it in many useful situations. This one is just a bit of fun but LED’s are an incredibly powerful and efficient source of lighting.

This was just a quick post I wanted to do because I saw this video on youtube. Thanks for reading.

Car Polishing and why it is important

Why is car polishing an important process in maintaining the appearance of your vehicle? Car polishing prepares the surface of your car for waxing and sealing, gets rid of scratches on the windshield, and removes contaminants from surfaces made of or coated with chrome. It repairs minor damages to your vehicle’s windshield.  All in all, polishing enhances the beauty of your vehicle. And, in the event that you would like to sell your ride, you can expect a higher resale value. Car Polishing or Waxing: What’s the Difference?

Some people think that polishing and waxing are one and the same process and often use them interchangeably. In reality, they are different.

Car polishing comes before waxing, not the other way around. Polishing involves the use of products containing abrasives to even out imperfections. This ensures that no contaminants will be sealed in once the wax is applied. But what’s buffering, you might ask. Now that comes before polishing. Perhaps this is where the confusion comes from. Detailers put some wax on the buffer’s head to facilitate the process and prevent damage to a vehicle’s surface. Maybe this is why some people think that waxing comes before polishing.

Polishing your car: How to do it

So how do you polish your car as safely and efficiently as possible? There are two wasys: mechanically or manually. Is one of these better than the other? It all comes down to the condition of your cars paintjob. Are there visible swirls or scratches? Oxidation? Chemical etching? Dull paint or yellowish highlights? If you are doing your car by hand you should:

  • Wash and dry your car thoroughly.
  • Clay bar it to ensure the surface is free of contaminants. Even a tiny grain of sand can get trapped into the polisher head and cause minuscule scratches. In time, these tiny scratches can get bigger and require costly body repairs.
  • Put some polishing compound onto your applicator pad. Work on sections and apply evenly.
  • Wipe the residue with a microfiber buff cloth.

Polishing with an electric buffer follows the same process. You need to ensure that you use the car polisher properly to avoid damaging your cars paint.

We recommend that you take a look at a professional team, maybe find one in your area that does car detailing for a reasonable price!

Secret Life of a Celebrity Chauffeur


Have you ever had an experience where you meet a celebrity by chance at the Airport or a public restaurant? I’m pretty sure all of us would jump up and somehow try to talk to the celebrity even when it annoys them. Most of us have a rough idea about celebrities, and we often judge their characters based on what we see on the TV. We quite often fail to judge their real character as we only see them from behind the big screens. But certain people quietly notice many things about celebrities, and they often go unnoticed. If you are wondering who that person might be?. It is the celebrity chauffeur. Behind all the skin care treatment, fabulous hairstyles and pearly white teeth there is a normal person.

Being a driver of a celebrity seems to be a cool job but you will have to put up with many things, and you will always have a story to tell. Our team has collected some such stories and listed it down for you to read and enjoy.


Silly Demands:

Sometimes the drivers are instructed to follow some of the silliest demands, but they will still have to go with it as they are paid to do so. The driver will always have to do what the celebrity asks them to do. All of us have seen the movie, the Terminator. But when the terminator needs a cigar, you need to stop at a tobacco store no matter how hectic the traffic might be. The driver of Arnold Schwarzenegger once told that he had to stop at a cigar store even though there were many cars lined up behind them.

Sometimes the drivers are put in an uncomfortable situation:

Most drivers are expected to give some privacy to the celebrity who is sitting at the back. But when you feel your car bouncing in the back the moment you stop for a red light, it can get a bit uncomfortable.

Sometimes celebrities can be rude:

Quite often celebrities tend to ignore the driver. We do understand that there is a lot on their mind and that they are busy all the time, but it wouldn’t take a moment to pay some respect to the person who is driving you safely to the place you want to go.

Great tips:

You never know when your lucky day might come. One time a driver was tipped about $5,000 as he had to wait the entire day to pick his client. The client was said to be an Indian Billionaire, and he tipped the driver generously.

Eminem and his managers:

Most of us know Eminem as one of this cool rapper. One of his drivers revealed how his managers and his entourage always surround him. He was very particular about his security, and there are always a bunch of people surrounding him.

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Ideas to decorate your limousine


We all have that one special day in our lives where we would want to rent the limo and go to the special event. It can be your wedding day or even your prom. A limousine can provide you with the ride you desire. There are plenty of ways you can decorate the limousine, and even though it might look simple, it requires a lot of planning behind it. Therefore, before you attempt to decorate your limo, you need to make sure that you arrange the appropriate material. The following are some of the ways in which you can make your ride on the limo a memorable one. For limousine owners, it’s critical to always have the interior and exterior clean and shiny. The customers first impression is important to make the rental experience memorable.

Music always brightens up our mood:

Music is a brilliant way to set the tone of your night. It is something which makes you feel excited and relaxed at the same time. Depending on your event, you can create a playlist. Most of the limousine you hire will have the facility to connect to your phone or any other music device. Make sure to call up and check in advance so that you do have to face any issues in the end.

Where is the fun without some alcohol on board?

A limo is a place where you can enjoy your ride with your friends and family. When you are going to a fun event, you need to head-start your fun by bringing a bottle of Champaign to the limo or whichever alcoholic beverage your friends enjoy the most. But before you do this, you need to ask in advance that drinking wouldn’t be a problem in the limo.


Flowers to brighten up your limo:

If you happen to hire a limo for your wedding day, you might want to consider adding a few flowers to the limo. You cannot do a wedding decoration without flowers, but at the same time, you need to know what type of flowers you need to choose. Sometimes choosing the wrong colour can spoil the entire decoration. You can select two colours which go well with each other and depending on the colour of the limo you can select the colour of the flowers.


Traditional decorations:

The old school “Just Married” board would sometimes be one of the best decorations you can keep on the limo. You can tie old shoes or tins to the bumper of the limo. But at the same time, you need to make sure that you take great care and not damage the vehicle in the process of decorating. Check with the limousine rental company if you are allowed to make such attachments and then go ahead with attaching shoes, tins etc.


To add more colours to your event, you can use balloons to brighten up the place. Depending on the theme of the wedding you can choose the balloons and tie them to the limo. Balloons are a great addition to your decorations, and they are also quite easy to get and does not create a mess.


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