Secret Life of a Celebrity Chauffeur

Have you ever had an experience where you meet a celebrity by chance at the Airport or a public restaurant? I’m pretty sure all of us would jump up and somehow try to talk to the celebrity even when it annoys them. Most of us have a rough idea about celebrities, and we often judge their characters based on what we see on the TV. We quite often fail to judge their real character as we only see them from behind the big screens. But certain people quietly notice many things about celebrities, and they often go unnoticed. If you are wondering who that person might be?. It is the celebrity chauffeur. Behind all the skin care treatment, fabulous hairstyles and pearly white teeth there is a normal person.

Being a driver of a celebrity seems to be a cool job but you will have to put up with many things, and you will always have a story to tell. Our team has collected some such stories and listed it down for you to read and enjoy.


Silly Demands:

Sometimes the drivers are instructed to follow some of the silliest demands, but they will still have to go with it as they are paid to do so. The driver will always have to do what the celebrity asks them to do. All of us have seen the movie, the Terminator. But when the terminator needs a cigar, you need to stop at a tobacco store no matter how hectic the traffic might be. The driver of Arnold Schwarzenegger once told that he had to stop at a cigar store even though there were many cars lined up behind them.

Sometimes the drivers are put in an uncomfortable situation:

Most drivers are expected to give some privacy to the celebrity who is sitting at the back. But when you feel your car bouncing in the back the moment you stop for a red light, it can get a bit uncomfortable.

Sometimes celebrities can be rude:

Quite often celebrities tend to ignore the driver. We do understand that there is a lot on their mind and that they are busy all the time, but it wouldn’t take a moment to pay some respect to the person who is driving you safely to the place you want to go.

Great tips:

You never know when your lucky day might come. One time a driver was tipped about $5,000 as he had to wait the entire day to pick his client. The client was said to be an Indian Billionaire, and he tipped the driver generously.

Eminem and his managers:

Most of us know Eminem as one of this cool rapper. One of his drivers revealed how his managers and his entourage always surround him. He was very particular about his security, and there are always a bunch of people surrounding him.

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