Video review: Fun LED party lights

This is a fun mod you can do to your car, and its cheap! The LED set that you can buy will set you back no more than 20 dollars. Have a watch of this guy and he will go over it.


I was just browsing Google and looking for different things I could do to my own car, stumbled on this video and I thought it was pretty funny. This guy is enthusiastic about his car maintenance and it’s quite enjoyable to watch. I hadn’t watched one of his videos before but I subscribed to him as I find him pretty entertaining. I could imagine him basically yelling the whole time could get old at some point so it might be a once in a while type of thing to watch.

As for the mod he is doing, as you can see in the video it is very simple for you to do yourself, the user interface is simple to use and the workmanship is pretty easy to carry out. LED lightning is the future of lighting in my opinion and we will see it in many useful situations. This one is just a bit of fun but LED’s are an incredibly powerful and efficient source of lighting.

This was just a quick post I wanted to do because I saw this video on youtube. Thanks for reading.